Lipton Green Teas

Lipton has a long established presence in the “healthy” Green Tea market with its base green tea products and numerous flavor variants that are marketed in cartons and pyramids. In order to maintain the same Lipton Green Tea feel and look, we were asked to incorporate the large tea leaf and the green/yellow backgrounds on all the 18 flavor variants in the Lipton Green Teas line. ASGP LLC. refined each design and created the all panel layouts necessary to convey a cohesive relationship between each flavor, while giving each its own distinctive look, illustration and color designation. Some of the Lipton Tea line variants include the base line, Cold Brew Iced Tea, Iced Tea Mixes, Flavored Teas, Tea & Honey Mixes, Tea & Honey Liquids, Black Teas, Red Teas, and White Teas. ASGP LLC. worked on all of them, extending design to various sizes and structures.


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